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Business Tarot & Oracle Card Readings when provided by a trained, qualified and experienced Master card reader, provide business owners with an extra layer of insight into the state of their private practice / business. Successful business owners utilise this service because they know that in order to create results, they require insights into the business that traditional approaches don't and can't provide. Business strategy will take us so far but to amplify and speed up your progress, an understanding of the energy around your business and its different areas is needed. 

This card reading is only for clients:

  • who want to gain new insights, knowledge and awareness around their business that they are unable to get through traditional business approaches;
  • that understand that in order to create lasting success, there needs to be a recognition of and integration of strategy with energy principles;
  • who want to create results in their business or in elements of it such as marketing and client attraction, in a way that feels aligned 
  • who are ready to take action and implement the guidance provided on the reading

About the Reader

My name is Dr Brooklyn Storme PhD and I am a private practice expert and a recognised Master Tarot and Oracle Card Reader. As a specialist in providing business readings, my readings are backed by further qualifications that include Bachelors of Psychology, Grad Dip Psychology, Master of Psychology (Counselling), PhD in Psychology and over 25 years in business. I'm also a qualified Life Coach, Energy Coach and Spiritual Coach and part of a legacy of readers in a long lineage of divination. 

About the Reading

The reading happens privately and always begin with a ceremony that clears the energetic space. I then attune to the energy of the cards, Source energy and the energy of the business that I'm reading for. The reading takes place. Each card is read individually and then drawn together to provide the overall story of what's happening in the business and what's required. The reading concludes with actionable guidance for the business owner to implement, in order to achieve their desired outcome. Readings take approximately 60 minutes.

What Happens After You Purchase?

After you purchase, you will be directed to a form. It will require you to provide your contact details and ask up to three questions for your business. Once submitted, you will receive your reading via an audio file within 5 business days. Please note that these readings are specialist readings for business - I do not provide readings for other areas. 

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