Private Practice With Soul™ Mentoring Program

Private Practice With Soul™ Mentoring Program

Welcome to Your Mentoring Program

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a professional service that supports women in private practice to create structures, policies, procedures and essential foundations for their business in a way that’s a true reflection of their values. This helps you to create a practice in alignment and feel empowered to build your dream business.

What Can Mentoring Help With?

If you say things like:

  • I’m just starting out and haven’t set up my goals or a mission statement yet;
  • I’m in the infancy of my practice and would like to know more about setting up referral pathways;
  • I can’t figure out who my target market is;
  • How do I safely transition from paid employment to private practice and what do I need to be aware of and set up?

Then this program is exactly what you need.

What Does Mentoring Look Like?

Mentoring starts with an overview of your practice, its successes and challenges. We then look at your goals for the business and together, create a map that ensures you achieve them by focussing on one thing at a time.

Each session is 60 minutes duration and happens once a month. In between sessions, you will have access to me via Messenger and email for additional support if needed. Included in the program is complimentary access to the women’s circle, Private Practice With Soul™ where you can be part of a community and feel less isolated. Another advantage of mentoring is access to a growing library of resources created just for women in private practice that want to integrate their spiritual practice with their private practice.

Mentoring with me is a 12 month commitment.

What Happens After You Enrol?

After you enrol, you’ll have immediate access to my diary so that you can book your initial session. You’ll receive an email with your logon details to the Mentoring portal that contains your resources and links to the women’s circle, resource library and intention setting workbook so that you can get started now.

How Do I Pay?

Your deposit is made at the time of enrolment by PayPal or Credit Card. You choose your preferred payment plan (low weekly payments, monthly or pay-in-full). Subsequent payments are then automatically deducted from PayPal or your Credit Card in accordance with your chosen payment plan. 

Nervous About Investing?


🤩 How does the payment plan work? The payment plan is subscription based. Once you start your payments, they come out automatically in accordance with the payment option you chose ie weekly / monthly. To be clear, Mentoring is not a subscription payment model that can be cancelled or a “pay in part” program where you can pay only for access for a few months. This is a professional mentoring program, and your payment plan is a convenience that I offer so that you can make the investment sustainable.

🤩 Where can I find my receipts? If you pay via PayPal, you can easily navigate to your account and you'll see your receipts in Activity. If you pay via Stripe, receipts are invoiced to you once payment has been processed. 

🤩 What if I need to reschedule my session? That's fine. You can manage your bookings using the Acuity Scheduling platform. It's simple to do and I've included a how-to video to show you just how easy it can be. 

🤩 Will I get results? I can't guarantee results but what I can guarantee is that my approach has been working for former clients who have achieved exciting results like setting up a private practice from scratch and getting their diary booked, re-branding, hiring their dream team and more. Each session begins with a review of the last and ends with a plan, so you are always working in alignment and towards your goals. Your results are my results so of course I'm going to do my best to ensure you succeed! 

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💖 Welcome to Your Mentoring Program

Are you ready for a consistent flow of clients? Do you want to feel excited and empowered by your business and build the business in a way that is truly authentic?  I will show how you can feel more confident that you can create a successful practice by giving you practical steps and advice to implement. 

📖 Your Monthly Intention Setting Workbook

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