Private Practice With Soul™ Ambassador Resource Vault

Private Practice With Soul™ Ambassador Resource Vault

Imagine being able to help the helpers? Well, now you can. You and I both know that there are colleagues out there that struggling for whatever reason to launch, grow or work on their private practice. 

They know they deserve more. 
They know there must be an easier way. 
They know that there's so much they don't know (yet). 


They also get in their own way by saying things like: 

  • It's pointless. I'll never have a successful private practice. 
  • I can't get the help I need because I don't have enough clients. 
  • I don't have time for more courses. 
  • I've tried things like getting help in the past and got nothing to show for it, apart from empty pockets.

Imagine if you were able to go to those people and gently reassure them that help IS here, that it IS affordable and that they CAN be fully supported no matter what stage they are at of the practice? 

If you are genuine in your desire to help our colleagues, then this is one way that you can do that. By joining this program as an Ambassador, you'll be invited and encouraged to share helpful resources with your colleagues and in exchange, my way of supporting YOU will be to provide you with financial recognition for your business. 

As an Ambassador, you'll be provided with everything you need, from swipe files to graphics, to support and training if you'd like that too and more. In fact, I'm very aware that your time is limited too and for that reason, I've created the Ambassador program to be something that you can delegate to your virtual admin / a provisional psych that's working for you or someone else. It's such a fun project, especially if you like to be creative.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you. 

Here's to helping, 


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