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EAP With Soul™ For Your Private Practice

EAP With Soul™ For Your Private Practice

Who is this program for?

An Employee Assistance Program is a service that provides your team with short-term counselling and support when they experience challenges related to their work, such as stress, anxiety, bullying or even a critical incident.

An EAP also supports team members who may be struggling with personal issues and those personal issues may be impacting things like their work performance. Typical examples of personal issues include things such as relationship breakdowns, financial stress, other health conditions. 

My EAP services business across Australia in a way that's not only private and confidential, but also flexible and customised to the needs of your business and to the unique requirements of each of your team members as they book their counselling sessions.

My goal is to help your workplace be happier and healthier and of course, more engaged!

EAP often helps with these kinds of problems:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • workplace conflict
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • relationship issues
  • communication difficulties
  • grief and loss
  • workplace incident stress
  • and more

What EAP is not for:

  • team members needing longer term support
  • complex mental health issues
  • performance management of team members 

What do you receive?

Together, we will create an EAP program just for you and your business. We will begin by assessing the current needs of your business and from there, will map an interim strategy for supporting your team. This may be the allocation of a set number of sessions that the team can access per month, for example. We will then arrange a time for a review and make any necessary adjustments from there.

Each month, you will receive a summary report that outlines the categories of referral reasons so that you can begin to identify any business areas that may need additional support or investigation. You will also receive in that report, an overview of the number of sessions accessed, sessions carried over and any other relevant information, as agreed in our contract. 

All information in the summary report is de-identified in accordance with the regulations and requirements of the privacy act. 

What are the benefits of having an EAP for my business?

The benefits for each business of having me provide their EAP is different, but here are some examples of feedback received:

  • "it helped me support my team following an incident at work"
  • "it has shown me what the business could be doing better"
  • "the number of days being taken off due to illness has reduced"
  • "my team is reporting higher levels of resilience now"
  • "I loved that I was able to use the service to provide workshops for my team!"

Get Started With 3 Easy Steps

✅ Book a call to discuss the program and we'll create a customised plan specifically to suit YOUR business. 

✅ Sign up! You'll receive an email from me with our terms of engagement. Simply sign it online. 

✅ Let everyone know I'll provide you with resources and training on how to communicate to your team that they can now access EAP.


Is this service confidential?

Yes. Sessions are protected by privacy and confidentiality legislation. The exceptions arise in cases where the client may be at harm of risk to themselves or others. Further privacy and confidentiality information is provided in the Contract that you'll be provided with when you join the program.

How long is a session?

Sessions are 50 minutes.

How many sessions will I receive?

When you sign up with me for EAP, we'll discuss the number of sessions that you business may require per month. This is flexible and we can review the allocation of sessions as we move along.

How are the sessions delivered?

Sessions are delivered online via a free platform called ZOOM. The reason for this is it that it allows flexibility, meaning team members can access support while at work or at home PLUS sessions are not disrupted by stop-works as a result of COVID-19.


I'm here to help. 

Email me at: hello@brooklynstorme.com 

Connect with me using the chat feature on the bottom right of the screen OR

Schedule a ZOOM session with me and let's explore together, the easiest and simplest way of getting this service off the ground for your beautiful private practice.

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