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Work With Me1:1 : Application

Work With Me1:1 : Application

🌟 why are you the person to help me? 

I LOVE helping women in private practice to create a business that aligns with your values, your vision and your purpose. My biggest passion is in seeing the results women experience after working with me. For example, Angie who set up her private practice from scratch and now has a business that's accepting referrals and bookings from dream clients and has left her full time job, or Katie who has now been able to finally hire her dream team despite months of trying to recruit in the past, or Leah who had 'her biggest year yet' financially in the practice. You can read more testimonials here: https://brooklynstorme.com/client-love

🌟 how will working with you help me solve my issue or support me in private practice?

My approach is different to that of other private practice coaches in our industry. I believe that that strategy comes second and that in order for strategy to work, you need to have done the inner work first. For example, I often work with women who have had coaching previously and they'll say the coaching didn't work. They'll say the other coach told them to raise their fees to generate more turnover in the practice. And I'll ask if the client did that and she'll say she tried but it didn't work, or she didn't try. When I probe further, she'll say it was because it 'didn't feel right'. If a strategy is not aligned with you, then it won't be effective and you won't use it. That's why my approach is about getting this right first and then we look at your strategy which in turn, leads to your gains and successes in the business!

I've been doing this for a long time and I've travelled all around the world to learn both modern, evidence-based and also ancient / cultural approaches to alignment. I did that because I wanted to be able to bring you a comprehensive collection of tools that you can readily implement to bring ease, grace and flow into your practice and create the business you need for the life you want!

🌟 what is included in the package?

In the 90 Day Coaching package, you receive x9 1:1 60x minute coaching sessions with me that are conveniently conducted over ZOOM. You also have complimentary access to the Private Practice Membership Group (valued at $1200 p/y) where you can connect with a community of women in private practice that also value the role of alignment. To further support you in the practice, you'll also have access to an exclusive hub just for coaching clients that contains a collection of tools and resources that I don't offer elsewhere and that are all designed to make your life so much easier.

🌟 how much will it cost, will there be a payment plan?

As at January 2021, the fee for the coaching program is $3497 and there is a payment plan available of just $152 p/w. 

🌟 have others had positive experiences working with you?

Of course! You can check out reviews and testimonials here: brooklynstorme.com/client-love

🌟 will I get results from this investment?

I will provide you with all the tools, guidance and resources to help you achieve your goals for your coaching program. The results, like with Counselling or Psychology or Social Work though, will be largely dependent on your willingness to implement them. Women that I work with are motivated, they want change and they want to experience greater confidence, increase their competence and create a business in flow and these women, as you've now seen from all the feedback and testimonials, DO get results. 

🌟 how can I contact you if I have questions before applying?

Simply email me at hello@brooklynstorme.com

🌟 how do I move forward in working with you, i.e. apply?

Getting started is easy. Just fill out the application form in the module here.

🌟 how soon will I hear from you after applying? 

I'll be in touch within 24 hours. If I believe we're a good fit based on your answers, I'll share a few options on how we can work together. If we aren't a good fit, I'll give you some guidance on what next steps I would recommend.

🌟 am I committed in any way by applying?

No. This is an application only and by completing it, you are not obligated or committed to anything. You are simply expressing an interest in us working together. I'm super excited to learn more about where you are at with your practice and where you'd like to be! 

More questions?

No problem! Use the Messenger chat icon to connect with me live or book a ZOOM call in for a time that suits you, here:

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