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Private Practice With Soul™ Group Supervision

Private Practice With Soul™ Group Supervision

Most women in private practice who dream of a successful business, face one major obstacle that always keeps their dream just out of reach.

We will talk more about the obstacle in a minute...

But first, let me ask you a question...

Which of these do you most relate to?

  • You accept every referral out of fear that if you don't, more won't follow.
  • You see that certain therapeutic modalities aren't getting desired results but you are unsure if you can try a different approach ...
  • You are terrified to raise your prices because you can't afford to lose clients, even though you haven't raised your prices in years.


Building a private practice that provides you with balance and flow can be TOUGH, especially with all the add-ons you never thought or knew existed when you started this journey AND it can seem like there are a million other practitioners all vying for the same clients. 

It's not your fault! Uni doesn't teach you how to actually WORK FROM YOUR SOUL'S PURPOSE let alone, in a way that is ethical, authentic and pays the bills.

Most therapists THINK that they need to make money first and THEN they'll be able to better focus on things like aligning their practice with their purpose. And so, in order to build a private practice that's fully booked, they can believe that they: 

😩 They have to accept every referral because if they don't, the referrals might stop coming 

😩 Have to be available all the time 

😩 They should offer their services for low fees because clients can't access Medicare rebates

And that's simply NOT true. 

And unfortunately, many of those women in private practice that don't master the art of aligning their practice with their values and purpose will continue on the hamster wheel of doing things like trying to get that next referral or booking and without understanding things like how to attract and retain clients in a way that feels effortless and joyful, and they may end up BURNING OUT or QUITTING.

Cultivating a private practice that allows you to work in flow, in alignment with your values AND be profitable is so simple but most women in private practice don't feel safe trying an approach that's a little bit different.

And so, in order to generate referrals and bookings, they will do things like post mental health quotes, infographics, tips and tools and inspirational pics on their social media, all the while using popular #hashtags to market their practice with ZERO alignment, just hoping to reach new clients.

(Spoiler Alert: ☝️ is not a strategy).

I created an approach to private practice that was specific to my practice and my dream clients - and aligned with my core values, my Soul's purpose and it was a game changer!

And I'm here to help you do the same! 

Copying or following what everyone else is doing in their practice is a sure-fire way NOT to create your dream business. You might feel like your mind is at ease when you implement their tools, policies and procedures but let's be honest, those tools work for THEIR practice but YOUR practice is different, it's unique. That's what makes it so special! And yes, while you clicked on this page because you are interested in supervision, I want you to know 100% that the right supervision does:

✔️discuss cases

✔️explore case formulations

✔️consider ethical dilemmas

✔️identify therapeutic modalities and approaches to support clients

✔️challenge you and help you uncover new solutions to old problems in the practice

✔️ensure you're meeting your ethical obligations, code of conduct obligations and any membership requirements

✔️provide you with professional development for your growth as a practitioner and healer

but it can also help you:

  • align the practice with your deeper vision so that you can feel comfortable being seen and heard, so that you can work less hours, so that you can take time off and look after yourself and loved ones and so that you can create abundance with flow with ease.
  • create your own administrative policies and procedures that are infused with your values, creating an effortless and joyful marketing process at every touch point in the practice
  • clarify the client populations you truly want to work with
  • provide you with education and support not only about sessions and therapies but also about the day-to-day running of private practice
  • support you in marketing the practice so that aligned clients can find you and book sessions

I will provide you with guidance in our supervision sessions around things not only about individual client cases and therapies, but also on things like how to:

So What is Soul-Centred Supervision™

Soul-Centred Supervision™ provides you with an opportunity to complete your supervision sessions monthly, spread out over the course of a year. It is perfect for women who are Counsellors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Coaches and Allied Health Practitioners and who are in private practice or considering stepping into one.

Unlike other programs, Soul-Centred Supervision™ embodies a philosophy that you already hold the answers within and with the right space to support you, you'll soon learn how to trust your intuition, connect with your inner knowing, build confidence through competence and  finally feel calm and in control of the practice. 

Benefits of Soul-Centred Supervision™

🌟 Be supported by a group of women who are on similar journeys to you and overcome feelings of isolation

🌟 Access the practice wisdom of a collective group of soul-led women and experience real growth and transformation that's only accessible in this type of immersion

🌟 Build your confidence though understanding how to infuse spiritual practice into your private practice in a way that's ethical and won't breach any codes of conduct so you have peace of mind that you're doing the 'right' thing

🌟 Learn how to fill your diary with clients that align with your values and finally be energised by your work

🌟 Improve your wellbeing and reduce burnout symptoms so that you can return to life again! (hint: your life is more than your practice!)

🌟 Move forward with cases / clients and therapy in a way that feels consistent with your values so that you can experience ease in the practice

🌟 Finally be able to experience calm and balance in your day (without the guilt!)

What's Included?

✔ Monthly Zoom Session: x50 minutes ($210) for 12 months so you get real-time support

✔ Complimentary Access to the Video Recordings ($97), catch up on the sessions in your own time

✔ Complimentary Access to the Audio Recordings ($97), listen anytime it suits you

✔ Complimentary Access to the Transcripts ($97), quickly skip to the relevant sections 

✔ Supervision based on the Private Practice Method™, so you can work in alignment

✔ Complimentary Process Sheets ($27) so that you can track your progress

Why This Program Was Created

This program was created to address a gap in the world of supervision and honour a rising need in our Counselling community for an approach to supervision that is more soul-based, heart-centred and purpose-focussed. So often, we are taught the strategies and tools and yet for some reason, they just don't feel right. They are misaligned with your values, your beliefs, your intention for the practice. And so it was in recognition of this need, paired with the beautiful results my 1:1 clients receive, that I created this program. I wanted to make the integration of spiritual practice with practice accessible, ethical and fulfilling on so many levels. 

Who is Soul-Centred Supervision™ For?

🌟 Women Counsellors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Coaches and Therapists working in or starting a private practice and who are interested in learning about how to create a business in flow and in alignment with their soul's values

🌟  Women wanting peace of mind around how to integrate their spiritual practice with therapy and with day-to-day private practice processes

🌟 Women who want to feel less isolated and who value the deeper support comes from shared practice wisdom in a safe and confidential environment

🌟 Women who have tried the 'usual' approaches to supervision and are seeking a new framework that honours, embraces and ignites their purpose in a way that's ethical and fulfilling!

🌟 Women who are open to learning, who value the deeper work, who believe they have gifts to share with the world but lack the confidence to / feel like they aren't good enough / feel like they aren't worthy enough - I've got you 💖

Soul-Centred Supervision™ Is Not For Women:

✋ That are unwilling to acknowledge the role of holistic approaches (the mind, the body AND the Soul!) in private practice and therapy

Who want to be told what to do in their client sessions and in the running of their practice (I'm about experiential learning so I'd rather work with women who are open to being supportively guided to finding the answers for themselves)

Don't do the work between sessions and then complain that they don't get results (#sorrynotsorry) 🤷‍♀️


ACA says I only need to complete 10 sessions per year. Why is this a 12 month program?

Actually, ACA recommends 10 sessions as minimum and that "...the ratio of supervision hours per client contact hours should be 1 hour of supervision for every 20 hours of client contact time".

I already have a supervisor. Can I have another?

Yes. In fact, it's encouraged that you have more than one supervisor especially in situations where you may be receiving supervision in the workplace. Each supervisor has a different approach. Some will focus more on your clinical skills while others will support you in other aspects of the work such as private practice development. It's important that you not only access the guidance you need but also that you want.

✔ How big are the groups?

Groups are limited to 4 women. This is to ensure we can dive more deeply into the areas of practice you need guidance with.

What if I don't like my group or there's a disconnect with myself and the other members? 

You are not locked into 12 months with the group. In fact, if you feel after three months (that's three sessions) that the group is not right for you, you are able to leave. 

Do I have to be on Facebook to participate? 

No. In fact, the sessions are run on ZOOM and all of your materials are contained right here, in our portal. There's no need for you to be on social media for the purpose of your supervision. 

What about privacy and confidentiality?

As we are all professionals working in the Counselling field, we are all bound by our Codes of Ethics and Conduct and those codes are taken to apply to the group supervision.

To begin, simply choose your option and register to get started. Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with your logon and access details! 


I totally understand that you may have questions before you enrol in this so please feel free to use the chat icon to connect with me or if you'd rather some face-to-face time, that's fine too. Simply use the button below to schedule a quick ZOOM. I can't wait to connect with you. 

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Next Steps

To enrol, simply choose your preferred option and click the Enrol Now button. Once you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email that contains your login details to our portal. There, you'll be able to access the Supervision forms and content. I can't wait to work with you. 

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