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Private Practice With Soul™ Supervision & Mentoring

Private Practice With Soul™ Supervision & Mentoring

Supervision is what helps you be a better practitioner AND a better practice owner and I'm here to support you every step of the way. 

Welcome to Your Mentoring & Supervision Program

My program is for women who have started their private practice, are ready to begin or continue their journey and are now craving mentoring, education and support through a spiritual lens to dive deeper.

⭐ This is for the woman who yearns to change the way she works so that she can clarify what she wants and needs from private practice, put herself first, live in her power, and create a life and business that makes her come alive.

⭐ This is for the woman that is ready to do the inner work, seeking clarity on what has been limiting her and causing her to dim her light, and who desires to feel a full-bodied alignment to the business aspects of private practice.

⭐ This is for the woman who is ambitious, intelligent and not entirely sure how to integrate her intuition and inner guidance into her private practice. 

⭐ This is for the woman who has been up until now, pursuing her goals and achieving them yet finding herself unfulfilled on a deeper level. She wants to find a way of being more in flow, than constantly striving.

⭐ This is for the woman who is open to exploring her intuition and deeper spiritual concepts but doesn't have many people around her who are curious about the same things and that know how to integrate these concepts with her private practice.

Your journey with me will focus on reconnecting you with your feminine energy, intuition, power and radiance, so you can rise into the highest and fullest expression of yourself and create the type of practice you dream of.

We will harmonise that with the masculine energy so that you can create healthy stability, systems, processes, automations, plans and trackers that provide the safe container to support the creative, nurturing elements of your practice moving forward.

I will be your mentor and guide, helping you to identify what has been getting in the way of your private practice journey so that you can clear it and step into the fullest expression of yourself. When you do this deeper work, you truly create a living, breathing, flourishing practice from the inside out. This is your aligned practice.

My Supervision & Mentoring Program Is For You If: 

You've been feeling lost, unclear, unfulfilled and disconnected from the practice and unsure how to get back into alignment.

You struggle with doing all of the things and often feel like you aren't as good as other people in private practice or aren't getting the results you think you should (comparing yourself to others)

You find it hard to put boundaries in place, to say 'no' and as a result, leak your energy to different parts of the practice, often leaving you feeling depleted, tired and stressed.

You have a noisy, active mind which creates anxiety and overwhelm and makes it hard to hear your intuition and find clarity and answers with yourself.

You struggle to prioritise and make time for the self-care and self-connection practices that you know will nourish you and make you feel good.

You feel overwhelmed by the trial and error approach you've been taking in the practice to date and are ready to simplify your practice processes. You dream of feeling fulfilled when you go to work and want to experience what true balance in the practice feels like.

You Will Receive Support With

💖 Balancing and harmonising your inner feminine & masculine energies.

💖 Developing structure, processes, automations and more for the practice.

💖 Releasing patterns that weaken your innate power including people pleasing, comparison, not speaking your truth and a lack of boundaries.

💖 Building a strong, connecting, empowering and loving relationship with the practice where you are deeply in tune with your purpose, vision and values.

💖 Getting out of your head and activating and opening your heart energy so that you can achieve the balance you've been secretly craving.

💖 Finding a sense of inner calm, security, wholeness and contentment.

💖 Releasing patterns that dim your light and radiance including self-criticism, self-judgment, guilt, shame and unworthiness.

💖 And more

The Program Includes

💖 A Program Intention Setting Workbook

Each month you will receive an Intention Setting Workbook which will have a range of questions to help you clarify your monthly goal and support you in achieving it. 

💖 12 x 60 minute Private Practice Sessions (via Zoom) or 24 x 60 minute Private Practice Sessions (via Zoom) each month

💖 Email Support Between Sessions As Needed

💖  Bonus Resources For Private Practice

You will receive

⭐ 12 month pass to the Private Practice Membership group, an exclusive, one-of-a-kind group of women at all stages of practice who are also using soul-based approaches to cultivate deeper alignment with the business (valued at $1200)

⭐ Priority Access to All Future Live + Digital Events & Products

⭐ Complimentary access to Moon Works™ Manifesting in Private Practice: Self-paced, online program plus FB group (valued at $197)

Client Success Stories

"This method resulted in me attracting waaaayyyyy more referrals than I could have ever imagined!"

TAMARA - Clinical Mental Health Social Worker

"The best thing I did this year is learn the Private Practice Method. I thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn't seeing results from the previous training I'd undertaken but, with the Method, I learned that there wasn't anything wrong me and I learned why those strategies weren't working. Now, I have just signed a lease on a consulting suite in Penrith, I've increased my fees and I'm actually working less. I can't believe how it easy this was once I learned Brooklyn's soul-based approach"

LISA Psychologist

"I didn't want to write a testimonial because part of me wants to keep Brooklyn's method all to myself. Her approach has been a game-changer for my practice. I suffered from low self-worth, constant doubt, I was worrying all the time and I was stretched financially. I was at the point of giving up but, learning the Method really helped me turn things around and within the first few months, I had the practice I'd seriously always dreamed of having but never thought possible. This is a 7 star approach and I'm blessed to have been referred to her by a colleague"

MEL - Perinatal Coach

This Is Your Invitation

This is your invitation to prioritise your practice through completing the transformative, inner work and healing that needs to be done. This is your opportunity to deepen your connection to the practice and step into the fullest expression of your radiant self so that your practice becomes a natural, beautiful extension of your soul-drive purpose and values.

It is your time to take care of you because in doing that, you take care of the practice, which means you take care of others and achieve your heart's desire of being in service to those that need you most.

You do not have to walk this journey alone.

When women allow themselves to ask for help and receive support, magical things happen. In this program, you will be seen, heard, encouraged and supported in the ways you need to fully activate the potential of who you and by extension, your practice, are here to be.

⭐ Imagine what could become for possible for the practice when you feel more confident, complete and whole within yourself?

⭐ Imagine how you would feel if you were supported, encouraged and acknowledged in every step of this journey?

⭐ Imagine what you could create for your practice if you felt connected to your inner power and trusted the guidance that comes with that, rather than seeking external validation that you're on the right track?

Anything would be possible.

You are capable of having the most fulfilling, rewarding, energising and abundant practice that you dream of. 

Let's begin! 

I'm here for you

Next Steps

Simply choose the program that will work best for you and then head to the Let's Do This! button. If you still have questions before joining, please let me know. You can email me at hello@brooklynstorme.com and I'll reply within 24 hours during week days.

Still have questions? No problem. Use the chat icon below to connect with me or if you prefer, book a 30 min ZOOM session where we can discuss your big dreams and goals for private practice and supervision. 

Schedule Appointment

What Happens After I Join?

Once you join, you'll receive a Welcome email from me. It will contain your login details to access the portal here. Inside the portal, you'll be able to download your Welcome Packet, book your sessions, access your support forms and more. You'll also be added to your BONUS products such as the Private Practice Membership Group and the MoonWorks™ program. Coaching clients will also be sent a coaching contract to sign digitally. The process is super simple and I've created lots of videos and resources to help guide you AND if you still feel a little stuck, please let me know so that I can help you. I'm sooooo excited to work with you!


🤩 How do the payments work? Payments are subscription based. Once you start your payments, they come out automatically in accordance with the payment option you chose ie weekly / monthly. 

🤩 Where can I find my receipts? If you pay via PayPal, you can easily navigate to your account and you'll see your receipts in Activity. If you pay via Stripe, receipts are invoiced to you once payment has been processed. 

🤩 What if I need to reschedule my session? That's fine. You can manage your bookings using the Acuity Scheduling platform. It's simple to do and I've included a how-to video to show you just how easy it can be. 

🤩 Will I get results? I can't guarantee results but what I can guarantee is that my approach has been working for former clients who have achieved exciting results like setting up a private practice from scratch and getting their diary booked, re-branding, hiring their dream team and more. Each session begins with a review of the last and ends with a plan, so you are always working in alignment and towards your goals. Your results are my results so of course I'm going to do my best to ensure you succeed! 

🤩 What if I still have questions? That's absolutely fine. Connect with me using the chat icon below or schedule a quick ZOOM session.

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