Private Practice With Soul™ Supervision Program

Private Practice With Soul™ Supervision Program

Welcome to Your Supervision Program

What is Supervision

Supervision is a professional service that provides you with support around your work. This can include case discussion, exploring ethical dilemmas, gaining advice on private practice, professional development, administration for your role and more. 

In Australia, it is a requirement for people practising therapy to participate in a minimum number of hours of supervision each year with a qualified supervisor. You’ll also need to maintain records of your supervision as part of your ethical responsibilities.  But there are other reasons that people seek supervision too.

For example, perhaps you have a terrific supervisor that you’ve been working with for a long time but they just aren’t familiar with private practice? Or perhaps your current supervisor doesn’t have lived experience or in-depth knowledge of spirituality as a framework for practice and you’d like guidance around that?

There are many reasons to seek supervision. What’s most important is that you work with a supervisor that is trained, qualified, recognised and experienced.

What Can Professional Supervision Help With?

Supervision can support you with things like:

  • Exploring spiritual approaches to private practice;
  • Meeting your annual supervision requirements with your relevant bodies, such as ACA and PACFA;
  • Understanding administrative aspects of practice;
  • Building your confidence with the way you work with clients;
  • Exploring ethical dilemmas
  • Professional development
  • Your growth as a therapist

What Does Supervision Look Like?

Supervision starts with an overview of your practice. We then look at your goals and your intention for supervision and together, create a map that facilitates your achieving them.

Each session is 60 minutes duration and happens once a month. In between sessions, you will have access to me via Messenger and email for additional support if needed. Included in the program is complimentary access to the women’s circle, Private Practice With Soul™ where you can be part of a community and feel less isolated. Another advantage of supervision is access to a growing library of resources created just for women in private practice that want to integrate their spiritual practice with their private practice.

Supervision with me is a 12 month commitment.

What Happens After You Enrol in Supervision?

After you enrol, you’ll have immediate access to my diary so that you can book your initial session. You’ll receive an email with your logon details to the Supervision portal that contains your resources and links to the women’s circle, resource library and intention setting workbook so that you can get started now.

How Do I Pay?

Your deposit is made at the time of enrolment, by PayPal or Credit Card. You choose your preferred payment plan (low weekly payments, monthly or pay-in-full). Subsequent payments are then automatically deducted from PayPal or your Credit Card in accordance with your chosen payment plan as per the program terms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one supervisor? Yes, you can.

Can you supervise members of ACA and PACFA? I provide supervision to registered counsellors.

How does the payment plan work? The payment plan is subscription based. Once you start your payments, they come out automatically in accordance with the payment option you chose ie weekly / monthly. To be clear, Supervision is not a subscription payment model that can be cancelled or a “pay in part” program where you can pay only for access for a few months. This is a professional Supervision program, and your payment plan is a convenience that I offer so that you can make the investment sustainable.

What’s your experience in supervision? I’ve worked as a Board Approved Supervisor for the Australian Health Practitioners’ Regulation Agency for 18 years before becoming a Counsellor. I am an Endorsed Supervisor and work with women in private practice. 

How long is Supervision? A supervision program with me is a 12 month committment, where we meet once a month. This ensures you meet your minimum supervision requirements and allows for hiccups in practice that may occur along the way. Please note that I do NOT provide single sessions of supervision.


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