Australian Counsellors in Private Practice Online (ACPPO)

Australian Counsellors in Private Practice Online (ACPPO)

Welcome to the Australian Counsellors in Private Practice Online group.

You're on this private practice journey so bring your friends and colleagues, bring your people with you that you want to be on this journey with. You are stronger together and in fact, when you're lone-wolfing it, you're often at risk of being distracted by the bright shiny objects, being busy and not progressing or feeling utterly overwhelmed and I don't want that for you. 

Thank you! This is EXACTLY what I've needed - a space to focus on starting my private practice without the distraction of Medicare talk.

I want to see you follow your private practice through, from set-up, to establishment and development, right through to the end because I know what's possible for you on the other side of this and how much joy you get to experience and peace of mind you get to experience when you are really creating deeper, lasting connections and relationships with peers that are just as excited about private practice and the important work you do, and who know you progress more effectively when you're supported, to getting the results and the transformations in your business.

This is a community of counsellors wanting to begin or who are already in private practice. This group provides guidance, resources, and education to help you create a private practise that deeply aligns with your values and your purpose.

Counselling is a different sector to psychology and social work and as such it requires a new, fresh, and different approach to private practice, one that’s just for us. This means an approach that helps us create an identity based on our strengths in the field, that supports us in finding our unique voice, and that helps us stake a claim in the world around us.

What You Receive with the ACPPO

  • Weekly LIVE training sessions to get support establishing or developing your private practice
  • Access to replays of recordings so you can watch at a time that is convenient for you
  • Opportunities to promote your practice
  • Opportunities to be a Featured Counsellor
  • Opportunities to raise your visibility and be a guest speaker
  • A community of Counsellors that share a common interest in creating a practice that embodies their values, vision and beliefs!
  • Responsive, high-touch support from me to any questions you have / comments / suggestions and more

Focussing on What's Possible for Us

We can do all of this when we come together and share a common vision: that vision being to create the most aligned, abundant, impactful private practice we can and who knows, we might even create a practice or approach to private practice that others envy! ! I believe we all have so much to offer our clients and with the right supports in place, we can bring our gifts to the world in unique, interesting, innovative and impactful ways.

Why I Created the ACPPO

It’s my intention to provide you with those supports so that you can create and develop your private practice in harmony with your values, dreams and ethics. I’m going to be here for you with weekly ZOOM Q&A sessions where you can ask me anything you like about private practice and I’ll help you. I’ll also be present each day in the group to answer any questions, to bring you resources, to support you in sharing your story and so much more.

All I require is that we be always be respectful, kind and courteous and we focus on lifting each other up. This group does not entertain political discussions (ie Medicare) - there are other groups already providing platforms to discuss those things.  Let’s be the example of what’s possible for Counsellors when they enter private practice!

What Happens After You Join?

After you join the ACPPO, you'll be able to access the free Facebook Group and join a community of Counsellors (not Psychologists or Social Workers) and have the breathing space you need to talk about real issues that effect Counsellors AND you'll be supported in starting or working on your practice. 

Simply head over to the group and submit a Join Request and I'll add you. 

Each Sunday you'll receive a friendly reminder about the live training happening the next day so that you can join or watch the replay!

You'll also have access to in-depth support from me (Brooklyn) to help you on your private practice journey. 

If at any time you have any questions, please just ask. 

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👥 Join the ACPPO Community

The ACPPO is a new group, having been established on 21st November 2020 and so joining now means that you'll have the opportunity to help shape the content, features and services that will be rolled out over coming weeks and months. 

The group is FREE. Please respond to the join-up questions.

Click here to join.

🖥️ Q&A Session Schedule

Welcome to the ACPPO Bite-Sized Training Sessions for Private Practice

I'm here as a resource for you with any questions you may have about:

  • Starting a PP
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Ethics
  • Tools and Resources
  • Supervision and Mentoring 
  • Private practice mindset
  • and more

My intention with these sessions is to be helpful so that you can get the guidance you need to progress with your practice.  

You'll receive an email reminder on Sundays about the training on Mondays. You'll also see the Event in our ACPPO Facebook Group. If you can't attend, you can watch the replay later. 

😃 Post a Job, Run an Event & Share Your Training

Grow Your Private Practice!

I know what it's like to be in private practice (yep, I started in the early 90's) so I absolutely appreciate the importance of getting your name and brand out there. After all, if you aren't getting referrals or making bookings, you have a hobby, not a private practice, right? So here's I'm going to support you. The ACPPO encourages you to run PD events, to advertise your roles, to market your practice and more. 

🤩 Tell Me More


I'd love to know more about where you're at on your journey with private practice because this will help me to provide you with information, resources and training on things that will actually help you. 

It's my highest intention to be give you what you need in order to progress the practice. So please feel free to pop in here any time and share you thoughts with me. 

Thank you so much,


📞 Book A Quick Call With Brooklyn

If you need a little extra guidance around private practice, I'm here to help and it won't cost you anything. Simply book the session on ZOOM, we can have a quick chat, I'll help you and if you feel called to do so, it would be appreciated if you provided a little testimonial. How does that sound? Fair? :-) 

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