Private Practice With Soul™ Coaching Program

Private Practice With Soul™ Coaching Program

You know that what you're doing isn't working because it isn't feeling right. Something is out of alignment. Because in an ideal world, you'd be consistently receiving new referrals each week, you'd be moving towards your goals in a structured and confident manner, you'd be feeling inspired, creative and energised by your work and you'd see opportunities for abundance everywhere. 


...Ietting go of the need to be constantly 'working hard' and still get results.

...building your practice in a way that's truly authentic 

What if you were able to:

💫 Achieve ever-greater balance and develop your ability to listen to your intuition to guide your choices?

💫 Let go of the need to be constantly working hard and still get results?

💫 Put the right structures in place so that you feel safe to be seen and heard?

Your Results in Six Months or Less!

A 6 month program where you'll learn how to let go of the need to be constantly 'working hard' and STILL get results, access practical advice and steps that you can readily implement for rapid transformations and feel more calm, in control. With this new vision of coaching, I've created space for you to show up as your true Self, where it's safe to be seen and heard and where you are fully supported in creating results by someone that has also been there and come through the other side.

How's Coaching With Me Different?

This is a new vision of coaching that makes you feel more informed and confident to be yourself in your practice (authenticity anyone?!) and let go of fear and expectations. By working in this safe space that I have created for you, you will move towards your goals in a structured and confident manner and can experience a consistent flow of referrals every week. 

Here's how my signature approach is different from other private practice coaching: 

💫 It will give you insights into mindset, best social media practices and ways of re-connecting with your 'why' to enable your message to resonate better with your market

💫 It will help you serve clients from the right foundation

💫 It will empower you to be creative and feel in control of your practice and its direction

💫 It will provide you with helpful tips and tools to create and maintain a successful business with freedom and alignment so that you can bring your vision into action!

After Working With Me, You Will:

💫 Know what essential structures you need to have in place for the practice so that you can stop guessing and wondering if you are on the right track

💫 Know how to plan your day in alignment with your purpose so that you can stop being busy and start seeing the results you truly desire

💫 Understand how to use to the power of intention to guide your processes in the practice so that you can work in alignment with your values

💫 Enjoy greater balance and develop your ability to listen to your intuition to guide your choices

💫 Create your own, new inspiring vision for your practice that you can easily implement right away

Here's What You Receive When We Work Together

You receive:

💫 12 x60 minute private coaching sessions (x2 per month over 6 months). 

💫 Messenger or Voxer support between sessions 

💫 Complimentary 6 month pass to the Private Practice With Soul™ VIP membership

💫 Bonus access to the Private Practice With Soul™ resource library full of webinars, workbooks, worksheets, audios and more 

💫 Complimentary copy of the Private Practice With Soul™ Kit - all the essential documents you'll need for your practice

What Others Are Saying About My Unique Approach

Nervous about investing in Coaching? 

Is My Coaching Program Right For You?

The woman that I LOVE to work with, is:

  • Is decisive
  • Is self-approving and self-validating
  • See the value in my coaching
  • Is resourceful
  • Doesn’t regret her decisions
  • Pays on time
  • Commits to her desires and goals
  • Implements the lessons and tools
  • Wants to learn how to do things for herself
  • Respects boundaries
  • Trusts in the process and wants to be guided
  • Stays the course – even when life / business gets bumpy
  • Is coachable
  • Is ambitious / has a vision or dream she wants to manifest
  • Is open-minded – open to news ways of doing old things
  • Sees beyond process and strategy and understands her outer world is a direct manifestation of her inner world
  • Communicates and reaches out when she needs guidance
  • Takes responsibility for her program – books her sessions and attends them
  • Implements the lessons
  • Understand results take time and consistent action
  • Has a history of completing programs
  • Is willing to look within for answers
  • Is passionate and enthusiastic about the work she knows she was born to do
  • Regulates her emotions and is neither reactive nor defensive
  • Leads from love and honesty
  • Lives and works in coherence with her values or wants to learn how to

More Client Transformations!

Why NOW is the Time

There has never been a better time to feel more informed and confident to be yourself in your practice and let go of fear and expectations.  By taking time to build awareness of what you really want out of your practice and within your life, you will be able to let go of the need to be constantly working hard and still get results.

I want you to take a moment and picture your big vision for the business for the next 12 months. Now, imagine you've already achieved that vision. What's next? Whats the vision BEYOND the vision? 

Now let me ask you this. 

Do you truly believe that if you keep doing things in exactly the same way as you're doing now, that you'll end up in that vision? 

Of course not. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes. The only way to progress is to do things differently and so I'll provide with you with practical advice and steps to implement, recommended resources and I'll bring together my extensive knowledge to show you how to create a simple yet powerful way of manifesting your best practice and your best life. It's my goal to help you look within yourself to boost your self-confidence and unlock your true potential so that you can have positive energy across the day, notice a different in your mindset towards possibilities and know with certainty that the decisions you make in your practice are the right ones for you. 


How does the payment plan work?

Your deposit is made at the time of enrolment by PayPal or Credit Card. You choose your preferred payment plan (low weekly payments, monthly or pay-in-full). Subsequent payments are then automatically deducted from PayPal or your Credit Card in accordance with your chosen payment plan and program terms. To be clear, Coaching is not a subscription payment model that can be cancelled or a “pay in part” program where you can pay only for access for a few months. This is a professional Coaching program, and your payment plan is a convenience that I offer so that you can make the investment sustainable.

I'm a total newbie and don't have a private practice. Will this work for me?

Yes, it will work for you! In fact, doing this work now will help you get the foundations right and save a lot of stress and extra work down the track. We will create a personalised and values-based roadmap just for you so that you know exactly what to do and when.

I know that if I commit and do the work, I'll get tremendous value (not to mention the up-levels!). In saying that, how much time would I need to set aside each week for this to work?

It's recommended to set aside a minimum of two hours per week (one hour for us on the call and an hour to implement any action steps).

I've been coached by someone else and I didn't the get results they promised. What makes your program different?

I'm not going to promise you results. I will promise you that when we work together, you can absolutely achieve your goals but it will require you to implement our action steps and follow through on them. 

What if I need to reschedule or cancel my session?

You are welcome to reschedule sessions using the diary link, as you need during the program. Cancellations of sessions however attract the full session fee. You receive confirmation emails, reminder emails and reminder SMS from me, but booking your sessions is your responsibility, not mine xx

More Kind Words About My Signature Approach 


No problem. Simply connect with me using the Messenger chat icon below or let's book a quick ZOOM session where we can connect and talk through any questions you might have about the coaching program. 

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4 Private Practice With Soul™ Upgrades

💖 Welcome to Your Soul-Driven Private Practice: Forms & BONUS


Hey there, !

I'm so pleased you're here. For the next 6 months (12 sessions), we will be working together to achieve some exciting things in your practice.

To begin: 

  • Head over to Acuity and book your sessions. 
  • Add me as a friend on Facebook so that we can connect between our sessions for additional support via Messenger
  • Click the link here to claim your all-access pass to the Private Practice Membership and access 13 units of bonus content designed to help you amplify results in your practice with ease, grace and flow - plus join a community of like-minded women in private practice that also love learning about spirituality and soul-based approaches to business
  • Set time aside in your diary to implement the action steps from each lesson.

You Can Easily Book your 12 sessions here: 

Schedule Appointment

📖 Download Your Intention Setting Workbook for Private Practice Coaching

Set Your Intention

Here is where you begin the process of expanding your awareness and learning how to create and embody the authentic, aligned and soul-fuelled vision for your beautiful private practice. 

Simply download the Intention Setting Workbook, print it off and fill it out when you're ready. 

BONUS: If you have an rM2, you will be able to download this Workbook and write on it, then save it to the cloud xx

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