Essential Forms for Private Practice Kit

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I’ve put together this Private Practice Starter Kit  that includes the exact forms that I use in my practice that have made my life and business so much easier! As a coach to women in private practice, I also understand that knowing what forms you need when you begin your practice can be really confusing. So I've taken care of that for you and put everything you need in one place, a ready reference that's constantly being updated, so that you have confidence moving ahead in your beautiful business. 

Who is this Kit for?

This kit is for women in private practice including counsellors, social workers, psychologists, mental health social workers, coaches and other allied health professionals who are looking to begin a private practice and aren't sure what they need in terms of documentation and its for women who are already in pp but wanting to make sure they have everything they need. 

This Kit Is For You If:

⭐ You LOVE your direct client work but don't feel confident with the 'business' side of private practice

⭐ You value being able to infuse your practice documentation with your values and purpose (as opposed to using someone else's cookie-cutter templates that don't feel right for your soul-led business)

⭐ You want to save time (you've got better things to do, right?)

⭐ You're feeling stressed and unsure of how to write your forms

⭐ You're feeling overwhelmed and disorganised (unplanned transitions to telehealth, anyone?)

This Kit Is NOT For You If:

😩 You want a totally done-for-you bundle of forms that you can implement straight away without editing them to include your branding or your practice values (sorry, I just don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to your private practice)

I cannot wait for you to access these goodies so that you can:

💖 Feel so much better and less overwhelmed

💖 Easily and effortlessly edit these forms and make them your own

💖 Feel confident, knowing you have the right forms for your practice

💖 Tick this off your to-do list, once and for all!

What's included?

🤩 Telehealth consent form

🤩 Counsellor Invoice Template for Manual Payments

🤩 Client intake form

🤩 Privacy Policy

🤩 Website privacy policy

🤩 Website terms of service

🤩 EAP Agreement for B2B arrangements

🤩 My SOAP notes template

🎁 BONUSES! Including a library of essential guides, codes and policies categorised by profession so that you can easily reference the information you need (no more Googling! You have better things to do with your time, right?) and more PLUS this bundle is regularly updated and YOU get to choose what's included!

What Happens After You Buy?

Once you've made your purchase (I offer Stripe for credit cards and PayPal too), you'll see a notification that welcomes you and provides you with your login name and password. Simply log in and you'll have immediate access to all the goodies!

If you purchase the VIP edition of the Kit, I'll be in touch with you by email where we'll arrange a time that works for you, to personalise, customise and align these tools to more deeply reflect the message you want to convey to your clients and stakeholders. 

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐  How long will I have access to the Kit?  Lifetime access!

⭐ What if I need another form and it's not included?  Just let me know. There's an option in the Kit to request forms.

⭐  How are the forms delivered? Forms are prepared in Word (.docx). You simply download the forms to your device

⭐  I thought I was getting a bunch of forms to download but it's asking me to complete a Module. This platform uses terminology of 'modules' and 'lessons' and the term 'module' means category, while 'lesson' simply means collection of files. This is just how the platform is set up and isn't something I have control over. You still get your downloads! 

⭐  Refunds? No. This is a digital product so no refunds apply. If you need support with the Kit, please email me 💖

⭐ Tax deductible? Yes! Save your receipt.

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Private Practice Kit

Welcome ! 

I'm so glad you're here because your private practice is about to feel so much lighter! You'll be feeling in control, confident and aligned with your values in no time. This kit is constantly being updated and new forms added. You can let me know what forms you'd like included in the questions section and I'll be sure to include it as we go along. 

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