Private Practice With Soul™ Membership

Private Practice With Soul™ Membership

I’m so happy you’ve decided to check-in at my luxury resort, .

Ok, so it’s not an all-inclusive resort, per se, but I want you to feel like you’re at one.

Close your eyes and picture listening to the sound of the tide, feel the cold drink in your hand, and let that feeling of ease and peacefulness rise over you.

Your practice is in good hands - enjoy that sense of calm, because it’s here to stay.

There are a few things I’ve found that  women in private practice are looking for more of — I wonder if you can relate. Any of these make you go, “Yes! More of that, please!”?

  • Referrals
  • Bookings
  • Higher retention rates
  • Marketing how-to's 
  • A way to create a practice through a spiritual lens  

Thanks for giving me the chance to share some of the strategies I’ve learned from working with 100's of clients over the last three years. I’m honoured to share the best of what I know about creating a private practice that's driven by your soul.

You can expect actionable insights delivered within the group on a weekly basis. (I understand that your inbox is busy, so I’ll only send you the best of what I have to offer.)

 Here are a few great places to start:

P.S. I love hanging out on Facebook, so please join me if we’re not connected yet.


No problem! I have answers! Connect with me using the Messenger chat button or if you prefer to ZOOM, we can do that too. Simply book your session here (on-the-house!)

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23 Modules

🖥️ Weekly Q&A Live Coaching Schedule

💖 Agreement of Intent

Hi , 

This unit is for anyone that loves spirituality and is wanting to honour their Higher Self with a commitment to undertake the inner work as part of her personal development. This is like an accountability post as it asks you to 'sign' in agreement and therefore, it's good for people wanting to deepen their spiritual connection with themselves, with Source / their Higher Self / with their purpose.

💸 How to Create Online Offers that Sell for Your Private Practice

Don't stress. Breathe. We've got you.

This training teaches you how to create online offers that sell by using organic Facebook tools and techniques that grow your audience, build the know, like and trust factor and will have people knocking on your door to work with you. Created just for us by FB expert Chantal Gerady, this invaluable training will have you going away with lots of action steps that you can immediately implement to start creating irresistible offers for clients that are hungry for your solutions to their problems.

🔮 5 Day Manifesting Challenge for Private Practice

This is a 5 Day Manifesting Challenge that I ran recently. You can use this challenge for yourself anytime you need a high vibe boost and want to get change happening in your private practice!

💜 How to Handle Imposter Syndrome with Ease, Grace and Flow in Private Practice

Watch this module when you need help navigating some of the ups and downs in private practice. Imposter Syndrome is real and there are different ways of looking at this important area. This webinar is normally $47AUD to purchase and I'm including access for you as a bonus in gratitude for you being here.

💰 How to Add Online Income to Your Private Practice

This module is for you if you want to explore ways that you can begin to create online income for your private practice.

There is a webinar, audio supplement and a workbook.

I hope you like them!

💸 Session Fees with Soul!

This module is designed for solo practitioners or anyone that struggles knowing what to charge for their sessions.

💛 5 Week Money Manifestation Mindset Course


This is a copy of an online offer I sold last year on the topic of Money Mindset and Manifestation. It's based on Law of Attraction (LOA) - not business or psychology. From it, people manifested new referrals, collection of outstanding money, new money via collaborations and more. I hope it brings you luck, joy and prosperity too.

⭐ EFT Tapping Session With Bianca Brewer

🔮 Monthly Coffee, Cards & Chat Saturday Sessions: Third Saturday of the Month

We all need someone to drink coffee with.

At the end of the week, sometimes it’s really nice to get together with friends, share some stories, and get our minds off of all the craziness that’s been going on.

Meet us this Saturday at 10am for a friendly catch up, bring your oracle and tarot and we can give each other a mini reading and if you do want to talk pp, we can do that too. Looking forward to seeing you then x

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