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Private Practice With Soul™ Class of 2021

Private Practice With Soul™ Class of 2021

Welcome to the Private Practice Method™ Class of 2021

My Private Practice Method™ program is for women who have started their private practice, are ready to begin or continue their  journey and are now craving mentoring, education and support to dive deeper.

This is for the woman who yearns to understand her purpose so she can clarify what she wants and needs from private practice, put herself first, live in her power, and create a life and business that makes her come alive.

She is ready to do the inner work, clear what has been limiting her and dimming her light, and feel a full-bodied alignment to the business of private practice.

Our work will focus on reconnecting you with your feminine energy, intuition, power and magnetism, so you can rise into the highest and fullest expression of yourself so that you can create the type of practice you've been dreaming of.

We will harmonise that with the masculine energy so that you can create healthy stability, systems, processes, automations, plans and trackers that provide the safe container to support your practice moving forward.

I will be your mentor and guide, helping you to identify what has been getting in the way of your private practice journey so that you can clear it and step into the fullest expression of yourself. When you do this deeper work, you truly create a living, breathing, flourishing practice from the inside out. This is your aligned practice.

Only open to five private practice owners and only open for enrolments once a year!

Harmonise traditional private practice strategy with new soul-based tools, awaken your feminine power and step into your aligned private practice in 2021 with this 12 month program. Classes begin on January 9th 2021.

This program is for you if: 

•  You are ambitious, success-oriented and not entirely sure how to add intuition, guidance and alignment into your life and private practice;

•  You are perpetually busy, yet the needle isn't shifting in the business;

•  You put loads of pressure on yourself to succeed, and would love to find a different way to be more in flow than in a state of constant busy-ness;

•  You have a noisy, active mind which creates anxiety and overwhelm and makes it hard to hear your intuition and find clarity and answers with yourself;

•  You struggle to prioritise and make time for the self-care and self-connection practices that you know will nourish you and make you feel good. In fact, there are times where it seems as if you've completely forgotten who you really are and what you really like;

•  You feel overwhelmed by the trial and error approach and by winging your way through private practice. You are open to exploring your intuition, spiritual concepts and the universe but don't have a mentor to guide you with integration of these concepts into your business.

You Will Receive Support With:

  Balancing and harmonising your inner feminine & masculine energies.

 Developing structure, processes, automations and more for the practice.

  Releasing patterns that weaken your power including people pleasing, comparison, not speaking your truth and a lack of boundaries.

 Building a strong, connecting, empowering and loving relationship with the practice where you are deeply in tune with your purpose, vision and values.

 Getting out of your head and activating and opening your heart energy so that you can achieve the balance you've been secretly craving.

  Finding a sense of inner calm, security, wholeness and contentment.

  Releasing patterns that dim your light and radiance including self-criticism, self-judgment, guilt, shame and unworthiness.

  Gaining control over your practice, building your confidence and finding your flow

√  Feeling excited and energised by your practice, as if anything is possible!

The Program Includes:

√ A Program Intention Setting Workbook

Each month you will receive an Intention Setting Workbook which will have a range of questions to help you clarify your monthly goal and support you in achieving it. 

√ 12 x 60 minute Private Practice Training Sessions (via Zoom)

You will join me once a month In these sessions where you will receive transformative coaching support, tools, practices, intuitive guidance and help to achieve your month's goals.

√ Video Recordings Of Each Training Session

Each training session will be uploaded to your MemberVault platform, for you to watch so that you can take notes, integrate your learnings and keep the sessions to revisit at any time.

√ Email Support Between Sessions As Needed

You are welcome to email me between your sessions to receive support, ask questions or share what you have been working on to help keep you on track.

√ Bonus Resources For Private Practice

You will receive:

  • 12 months' access to the Private Practice Method™ course
  • 12 months' access to the Private Practice Method™ FB group
  • Monthly Member Spotlights, Hot Seats, Q+A calls
  • Monthly goals for private practice and support to achieve them
  • Growing Guest Expert Library
  • Community for support + accountability
  • Priority Access to All Future Live + Digital Events & Products
  • Complimentary access to Moon Works™ Manifesting in Private Practice: Self-paced, online program plus FB group

Client Success Stories:

"This method resulted in me attracting waaaayyyyy more referrals than I could have ever imagined!"

TAMARA - Clinical Mental Health Social Worker

"The best thing I did this year is learn the Private Practice Method. I thought there was something wrong with me because I wasn't seeing results from the previous training I'd undertaken but, with the Method, I learned that there wasn't anything wrong me and I learned why those strategies weren't working. Now, I have just signed a lease on a consulting suite in Penrith, I've increased my fees and I'm actually working less. I can't believe how it easy this was once I learned Brooklyn's soul-based approach"

LISA Psychologist

"I didn't want to write a testimonial because part of me wants to keep Brooklyn's method all to myself. Her approach has been a game-changer for my practice. I suffered from low self-worth, constant doubt, I was worrying all the time and I was stretched financially. I was at the point of giving up but, learning the Method really helped me turn things around and within the first few months, I had the practice I'd seriously always dreamed of having but never thought possible. This is a 7 star approach and I'm blessed to have been referred to her by a colleague"

MEL - Perinatal Coach

This Is Your Invitation.

This is your invitation to prioritise your practice through completing the transformative, inner work and healing that needs to be done. This is your opportunity to deepen your connection to the practice and step into the fullest expression of your radiant self so that your practice becomes a natural, beautiful extension of your soul-drive purpose and values.

It is your time to take care of you because in doing that, you take of the practice, which means you take care of others and achieve your heart's desire of being in service to those that need you most.

You do not have to walk this journey alone.

When women allow themselves to ask for help and receive support, magical things happen. In this program, you will be seen, heard, encouraged and supported in the ways you need to fully activate the potential of who you are here to be.

  • Imagine what could become for possible for the practice when you feel more confident, complete and whole within yourself?
  • Imagine how you would feel if you were supported, encouraged and acknowledged in every step of this journey?
  • Imagine what you could create for your practice if you felt connected to your inner power and trusted the guidance that comes with that, rather than seeking external validation that you're on the right track?

Anything would be possible.

You are capable of having the most fulfilling, rewarding, energising and abundant practice that you dream of. 

Let's begin! 

13 Resources

January: Create Your Soul Success Pathway for Private Practice (Masculine & Feminine Integration)

In this module:

You will learn how to connect with your inner guidance so that you can create a private practice that aligns with your core essence and feels so much more like 'you'! When you align the practice with your beliefs, thoughts and desires, things begin to shift for you energetically and you can immediately begin to unlock confidence from within. 

February: Attract Dreams Clients & Be Energised By Your Work

In this module:

  • You will discover your inner radiance and magnetism through your values and you'll answer a selection of prompts that will help you learn how you can embody your magnetic radiance to attract ideal clients to the practice!
  • Understand the relationship of energy and learn how what you are sending out impacts what you are receiving in the practice - you'll learn what energy you need to cultivate within yourself so that you can begin to attract soulmate clients to the business.
  • Discover your personal keys to messaging success based on your soul values - you'll use oracle cards to make sure that this info comes from the soul level - the feminine energy, and not the logical mind.
  • Understand where to focus your energy - contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be doing a livestream every day, and you do not need to be showing on every platform imaginable!

March: Create Seamless Client Onboarding Experiences and Connect Powerfully with Your Clients So That You Can Simplify Your Private Practice

In this module:

  • Finally understand your dream client on a deeper level - know their soul-level wants and needs, their deep desires, and the energy that you must hold to meet them in in their space.
  • Go beyond the logical mind and use your Oracle cards to connect with your clients on a soul-level
  • Finally, learn the secret method to creating questions that dive deeply into who your soul-level clients truly are and where they are at - no avatar required!
  • Learn what to say in your content so that your soul-level clients instantly see you as being of their team. Turn up your core radiance that you can be seen and heard by the very people you have created this practice to work with. 
  • Astound yourself by mastering a process that is both powerful and intuitive and that you can use time and time again to connect with your soul-clients. You won't believe how effective this is and it will quickly become your secret method for client connection!

  • Create powerful client experiences through automation of your private practice processes!

April: Create and Sell Your Online Offer So That You Can Grow Your Audience & Create Additional Passive Income (Feminine)

In this module:

You will learn how to identify and release fear-based obstacles so that you can unlock success in your private practice. 

May: Set up Your Online Offer & Create Cash Flow (Masculine)

In this module:

  • Learn what your soul client needs right now and create a way to provide it - that feels light, effortless and easy! 
  • Create a drool-worthy opt-in that your soul audience will devour - you'll work at a deeper level here because you want to connect with your audience in a powerful way.
  • Create an online platform just for you, where you can invite people in to soak up your content and get to know you - no more surface-level pdf's and handouts. 
  • Identify what is working and what's not with ease so that you can tweak and go! 
  • Master the online process of audience building so that you can be seen by the very people that need to hear your message the most.

June: Generate Abundance for Your Practice (Feminine)

In this module:

  • Learn how to create balance for the practice between giving and receiving 

  • Get clarity on what you want to call in for the practice and how to begin the process of manifestation - for referrals, bookings, room renters, premises, team, opportunities and more

  • Finally clear energy blocks to receiving for the practice so that you can hold on to things that you manifest instead of letting them slip through your fingers

  • Re-writing your inner story about what you deserve, want and need for the practice - so that you can embody a new version of you, the 'you' that's waiting to step into the fullest expression of herself as a woman in private practice

  • Learn my proven manifesting technique and create abundance in your practice this month, with ease and with fun!

July: Supervision in Private Practice (Masculine)

In this module:

  • Understand how and why you're leaving money on the table - and what you can do about it!

  • Practice asking the right questions in supervision - no more surface-level conversations. Dive deeper and uncover how to take your supervision (as a client or a supervisor) to the next level. Learn my rave-worthy technique. 

  • Master an intuitive process with supervision that you'll be able to use again and again - because your ideal supervisee is growing and their needs will change over time!

August: Managing Finances in Private Practice (Feminine)

In this module:

  • Identify the blocks to managing your money - hint, this is the inner work!

  • Release old patterns of over-giving and or deflecting incoming money - once and for all

  • Open your mind and your energy field so that you can attract more financial abundance to the practice

  • Learn how to navigate money conversations with third party stakeholders and team members / new hires in a way that is expansive, light and comfortable for you

  • See your value and the value of the work you do in the practice - understand your worth and make attracting and holding on to money so much easier and lighter! You'll LOVE looking at your numbers.

September: Manifesting in Private Practice (Masculine & Feminine)

In this module:

  • Discover the hidden truth about manifesting - so that you can experience real results in 28 days or less!

  • Learn how to awaken your feminine radiance - so that you can receive and hold on to the things that you are manifesting for the business

  • Understand the principles of manifesting and leave with a manifesting process that works - and that you can use over and over again to bring your private practice desires into reality!

  • Build trust with yourself and the Universe so that you can stop white-knuckling the business-of-business and allow things to come to you with more ease than you've dreamed possible

  • Stop doubting yourself, stop questioning yourself and cultivate a deeper level of trust within yourself and the world around you so that you can attract what you need in any given moment

  • Identify and release patterns that have been holding you back from realising your dreams of conscious co-creation for the business and step into a calm, yet powerful version of yourself

  • Learn about what it means to live and run a practice in integrity with your inner truth and why this is the key to an empowered private practice.

October: Organise Your Policies and Procedures and Create Freedom in Your Private Practice (Masculine)

In this module:

  • What it means to create a container for the practice - what it means and looks like to embody your souls' power in private practice

  • Learn about boundaries and release old stories around creating them so that you can protect yourself energetically. Create healthy boundaries that work FOR the practice.

  • Step into the role of Private Practice Owner / Director with confidence, feeling fully empowered

  • Heal fears or resistance around activating your power - speak from a place of authentic power and have conversations that are courageous

  • Why saying 'no' is an act of self-love and how when you take care of yourself, you take care of your business

  • How to use your intuition to support you in the process and practice of creating healthy boundaries for the practice.

November: Develop Self-Trust and Self-Worth (Feminine)

In this module:

  • Understand what self-worth is so that you can begin to create change

  • Identify and release unwanted patterns that are no longer serving you so that you can write new stories that will

  • Heal blocks or wounds around receiving so that you can become the fullest expression of yourself in the private practice 

  • Upgrade yourself worth and raise the standards of what you expect from yourself and others in the practice

  • Learn how to - and get comfortable with - asking for what you need 

  • Leave with a tool that you can return to as many times as you need, to help process blocks to self-worth and self-trust so that you can manage the practice with confidence and calm

December: Release and Surrender (Feminine)

In this module:

You will finish the year with a complete plan to successfully take you into 2022. You will have mapped out your unique, soul-aligned strategy that feels easy and light because you've connected to your soul goals. This is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding modules and by now, you're feeling confident, capable and excited for the year ahead!

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