Private Practice With Soul™ 3 Keys to Attracting Clients

Can you relate to any of these?

  • You long to create your practice, your way but aren't sure how to go about it and what's involved. 
  • You want to get super clear about your purpose with the business and who you help (and would love to create an approach that works for you)
  • You want to feel fulfilled by your work. 
  • There's something getting in the way of you taking action on making this dream a reality and you're just not sure yet how to move forward. 

    You sense you're in a pivotal moment and you don't want to miss it. 

Are you ready to create your practice, your way?

It's completely normal to feel worried, nervous or scared. We all have fears. But you have to trust yourself to take the leap and pursue your dreams. 

  • "I always start things but I rarely complete them. I'm super busy!"
  • "Is it selfish to want to feel both abundant and fulfilled by my work?"
  • "Is it really possible for me to be able to pay the rent doing the work I love?"
  • "It looks so easy for other people. I don't think I'm good enough to start my own private practice".

Are these fears helping you now?

I get it. I've been there. In fact, 25 years ago I opened the doors on my first private practice. I had a huge dream of helping so many people, doing the work I loved and making a big beautiful ripple effect in my community. But I didn't really know how to go about it. But, my ambition helped immensely and step-by-step, I was able to heal my fears and take small, aligned action towards making the dream a reality.

Today I'm proud to say that all my dreams for private practice have come true and that I'm now living my highest purpose. I'm a number one best-selling author, I've spoken on TV around the world about manifesting in business, been featured in major media publications like PsychCentral, SKY and SMH and have been blessed to be recognised as a thought leader in our industry. 

Most importantly though, I've been super-blessed with opportunities to teach women in private practice both here in Australia and all over the world through my books, digital programs and online groups and podcast, to help them turn their big vision into their reality too. 

I want to teach you the exact methods I've come to use and trust so that I can save you the time and headaches of making the same mistakes I did. Such as...

  • Being really really busy....but not getting anywhere
  • Getting so absorbed by the demands of the practice, that my personal life slowly fell by the wayside...
  • Getting into debt because I had no idea about setting up my finances correctly for private practice
  • Taking longer than I'd wanted for referrals to come in because I was too scared to advertise the practice (or myself)

You too can live your purpose and you can create your practice, your way and be abundant doing it. 

The promise of 3 Days to Your Dream Private Practice. 


Everyone has a vision for their practice, a dream they are here to fulfil. This can feel daunting and with the Method©, you will learn how to release blocks around your vision that is waiting you. When you finish, you'll be crystal clear on where they practice is going, why and how. 


Once of the biggest challenges to making your private practice dream a reality, is the confidence to make it happen. There is a voice of fear that makes you play small, hide out of fear or even fear your success. The Method© will help you heal those false perceptions that have been holding you back and the life-changing practices taught in the program will help you create confidence on-demand, once and for all. 


You have a choice - you always have a choice with the business. You get to either play small, hide from sight or remain in old limiting patterns. The flip side is that you can step up, show up and rise up. I believe that there is a light within you that's bursting to shine bright so that she can attract the very clients that need her help right now. The Method© will transform you - and therefore your practice - from the inside out and unlock the potential within you do the big things you've been thinking about. 

Who is this training for?

This training is for women who are wanting to begin or who are already running a private practice and:

🌟 Know that there must be a better way, a different way, a more soul-fuelled way to connect their purpose with their practice

🌟 Understand the role of Soul in running a practice and want to learn HOW to apply it to their practice

🌟 Are OPEN to learning about new approaches and techniques to help them align their energy with their practice

🌟 Are seeking confidence, empowerment and connection in their practice

🌟 Love actionable steps that they can implement immediately!

Who is this training NOT for?

This training is not for women

😩 Who resist being open to new ways of cultivating connection and meaning in their practice

😩 Who aren't interested in reflective practice

😩 Who want instant results (or any results) without doing the work. We can't just watch videos and expect to see change. It takes action! 

What's Included?

💖 x3 Video Trainings (each for less than an hour)

💖 BONUS: Slide Decks for each training

💖 Audio-Only files of each training

💖 Written Transcripts of each training

💖 Lifetime Access to the training and it's constantly being updated

💖 Module completion incentives!

💖 Program completion BONUS, customised to YOUR practice!

💖 Email support if you need it - i've got you 🤗

In This Training, You Will

🤩 Learn how to align your practice with your purpose

🤩 Learn 3 techniques that you can implement immediately to raise your vibe and rejuvenate your energy at the practice!

🤩 Know why you're seeing the ebb and flow in your practice with money, time and referrals AND know how to respond to them!

🤩 Leave understanding the secret to crafting messages that deeply resonate with your dream client (fully booked anyone?)

🤩 Receive completion incentives for each of the three modules

🤩 Enjoy a wildly valuable bonus when you complete ALL modules that is customised to YOUR practice, YOUR values, YOUR purpose and YOUR vision with actionable steps that you can begin implementing immediately!

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⭐ Create My Dream Private Practice ⭐

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